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All About the Dacxi Buyback
September 2, 2019

Still confused about the Dacxi Buy Back System? We've got you covered.


The Dacxi Affiliate System is simple and powerful, offering endless opportunities for building wealth.

But what exactly is the Dacxi Buyback? We explain everything you need to know about it in this article and why it’s important to you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to watch the video version, Sam gives a clear explanation of the entire process below. 

With Dacxi, you and your team’s customers can buy Dacxi products like the Bundle and/or DAC Pack and we pay bonuses. These bonuses are paid in crypto, normally in DAC Coins. We pay bonuses in crypto because this allows us to effectively operate a global affiliate system.  It allows affiliates to hold the coins to build wealth or cash out the coins for fiat money. We run a buy back scheme because, in this affiliate pre-launch period, people cannot cash out the DAC Coin on an exchange, so we do it directly. 

Please note: this system will only run in the pre-launch period. After that, you will be able to sell DAC Coins on the exchange at any time. The Pre-launch period refers to the period before the DAC Coin is available to be publicly traded. This launch is scheduled for late 2019. 

So, What is the Buy Back Scheme?

Simply, you earn your bonus in DAC Coins for a two-week cycle and should you wish, we buy them back for cash. Each cycle finishes on a Tuesday and we allow time for funds to arrive by Thursday.  We then inform you of how many DAC coins are available to buy back on the Friday.  

It is important to note that this buy back offer lasts for one week following the Friday. Remembering you have already been paid in DAC Coin, this is simply offering you a cash equivalent. If you don’t claim your offer, you still have the DAC Coins and they are then stored to build your wealth. 

The Buy Back Process  

How many coins can I sell for buy back?   

100% of the DAC coins received in affiliate bonuses for DAC Pack for a particular cycle

50% of the DAC coins received in affiliate bonuses for Bundle for a particular cycle

Step 1: 

We will inform you of the available DAC Coins for buy back by email on the Friday following the end of the cycle.

Step 2: 

Transfer the bonus DAC Coins that you want to sell by using the ‘Transfer Funds’ tab on the exchange. Remember, you can only sell the DAC Coins earned in affiliate bonuses, (if you are confused as to how many affiliate bonus coins you have, please contact us at  Then, click on ‘Select Another Wallet’.  Choose the DAC option. Enter the amount of coins you want to sell. The destination account email is Select the red ‘Transfer DAC’ tab. 

Step 3:  

Dacxi transfers your cash to the same bank account whose details you have already provided.  

Please note : You can buy back only for the bonuses earned during that particular cycle, as detailed by the email you receive. The Buy back is not available for previous cycles or for purchased DAC Coins.

Remember the cash buy back applies to Australian and UK registered accounts only. If you are based elsewhere, cash cannot be paid, but don’t worry – Bitcoin will be paid instead. 

We know this may seem like an unusual process. Getting paid in coins, then buying back;  however, its only for the pre-launch period and it’s only for DAC Coins. 

We also understand that some affiliates do the buy back and then immediately use that cash to buy crypto, because it gives them more coins.  

Our affiliate programme is at the heart of Dacxi’s business. Our affiliates are our partners and we have implemented the buy back scheme to help them. Any questions, simply ask  

Feel free to share with someone who you think might find this useful! 

Here is Sam to explain the whole process for you! If you’f like to share this video with your friends, head on over to our YouTube channel.


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