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How to Send Affiliate Emails Like a Pro
September 8, 2019



Possibly the most important factor that determines how successful your affiliate marketing strategy will be. Without confidence, it is difficult to comfortably promote products, create sales and grow your network.

Being an affiliate is not just about having strong sales skills, but also having the ability to deliver value to your leads list. You must first start with a clear understanding of each product that Dacxi offers, but more importantly, what products will most suit your customer to invest in. In turn, this will allow you to understand how to build relationships and promote them with ease in no time! 

The trick is to keep collecting email addresses to enlarge your mailing list.

You can achieve this through inviting prospects to webinars, hosting and attending local meetups, and being an active member of the Dacxi community as well as your wider local crypto community.   

This article covers everything you need to know to gain the confidence you need when using affiliate email marketing with your future prospects. These messages could be sent via email, text message, Facebook Messenger, or whatever medium of communication you think is most appropriate for you and the recipient. Feel free to customise to suit your communication style and the person(s) you are connecting with.  

Dacxi’s Top Tips for Getting Started with Affiliate Email Marketing 

Before you can pitch new people, you must first: 

  1. Build and nurture a relationship with those on your email list.
    • Earn their trust (this is especially important when dealing with someone’s personal finances).
  2. Understand exactly what they are struggling with and what they want to acheive.
    • If you are genuine, understanding and sincere, they are much more likely to be open to joining your network.
  3. Ensure you listen to their response when they email you back. More often than not, this part is ignored!
  4. Offer them valuable information (like the A4 Coffee Chat, YouTube videos) based on their situation, technical skills, promotional abilities/preferred style.
    • People are unlikely to use content they are not happy sharing. Some people are much more tech savvy than others, and some prefer resources that can be used face-to-face, so choose wisely! Or if in doubt – ask!
  5. Avoid over-promoting (daily emails).

Generally, as an affiliate there are four specific types of emails you can send:

  1. Content Emails – these are short, informative emails that offer a few tips or advice they can use. You can also share other people’s content that they might find helpful (Medium articles, YouTube videos).
  2. Relationship Building Emails – These are crucial for acquiring quality leads. They might include videos of yourself or Dacxi explaining an opportunity that they might find of value. Referring them to social media is great too! This saves you writing out everything you think they might need to know.
  3. Emails to promote product launches and sales – These might include news on Dacxi’s latest announcements, promotions, and affiliate/customer offers. These emails are more promotional in nature, so make sure not too sound too aggressive in your communications approach!

Here’s an example of a sequence you might follow:

  1. Email #1: Thank you and provide value (Relationship Building Email).
  2. Email #2: The ‘ask’  (Content/Promotional Email).
  3. Email #3: Meeting reminder and more about Dacxi products  (Relationship Building Email).
  4. Email #4: Your first Dacxi promotional email (Promotional Email).
  5. Email #5: A motivational email relating to crypto, positive news/articles on the Industry (Content Email).
  6. Email #6: Promotional email again – Dacxi’s current affiliate opportunity in more depth (Promotional Email).
  7. Email #7: Helpful content, linking valuable content and information on events in the person(s) local area (Content Email). 

Feeling ready to start taking action? Below we have provided templates of the first three emails in more detail. Remember, people can tell if you’re sending them a generic email – so adding your personal flare is a must!


Email #1: Thank you and provide value

Recommendation: It is really important to follow up with people soon after meeting them, when you are still fresh in their mind and motivation levels are still high. We recommend you send this email the same day as your first meeting.

Subject Line: What a great meeting, [insert name]!

Email Copy:

Hi [inset prospective affiliate’s name],

It was fantastic to meet you today at [insert location]!

[provide value or deliver something that offers a solution to their problem you discussed]

[Situation One: During your meeting, you signed them up with a Dacxi Exchange account and to the free 1000 coin offer].

I hope you’re having a fantastic day so far. I am just following up with you about the exciting Dacxi 1000 Coin opportunity. 

Congratulations on receiving your 1000 free DAC Coins, Dacxi is so pleased to have you on board! 


[Situation Two: You met briefly, possibly got to know them a bit better and touched on the Dacxi Opportunity].

Unlike nearly all other crypto platforms, the Dacxi system is designed for the every-day investor and we hope to provide support so you can benefit as much as possible from this opportunity, as well as learn a little more about the world of digital assets. During our conversation, you mentioned that you were dealing with [insert problem recipient said he or she was struggling with]. I completely understand that your personal finances and investment decisions are very important, so I want to make sure you feel confident before making any decisions. 

Below I’ve listed a few resources that might help you understand Dacxi a little better. 

Here is a link to Dacxi’s free Customer Information Guide here. This is an introductory resource where you can learn more about the company, its products, the crypto industry and the affiliate opportunity. Dacxi’s YouTube channel hosts loads of entertaining and helpful videos which you can also use to learn more about crypto, crowd finance and its relevance to you. I’ve listed a few below to help get you started. 

  • In this video, Dacxi’s CEO and founder explains the Dacxi crowd finance shift and where Dacxi sits in the new opportunities market. Watch it here.
  • If you want to learn more about the potential and value of the DAC coin, watch this video here
  • If you want to hear from people who are already involved, watch our customer testimonial series here

Please keep me posted with how you’re going! I look forward to future conversations.

Best regards,

[insert your name – e.g. John Smith]

[insert your title – Independent Marketing Partner]

[inset company’s name – Dacxi]



Email #2: The ask

Recommendation: To avoid overwhelming this person, we suggest you send this email a few days after your previous email.

Subject Line: Let’s talk more about Dacxi.

Email Copy:

Hey [insert potential affiliate’s name],

I hope your week has been going well! Last week, we talked about:

  • [insert topic of conversation] e.g. Making extra income alongside your current job 
  • [insert topic of conversation] e.g. Getting started with Dacxi
  • [insert topic of conversation] e.g. Meeting more people involved

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about each of these items and developing ways that you and I could work together to help achieve your business goals, so let me know if this is still something you are interested in doing.

Dacxi provides a super easy way to do this by [insert specific example relating to company].

If you are still unsure, I have listed below a few extra resources that might be of help.

  • ‘Dacxi Learn’ is Dacxi’s educational platform that teaches all the introductory information you need to know about crypto, Bitcoin, and blockchain! Check it out here:
  • If you’re curious about coming along to one of our events to meet and greet other people involved, as well as learn more about the opportunity – visit our events website here:
  • If you have Facebook, feel free to check out the Dacxi Facebook Page to get a feel for what the brand is about!

These are just some of the ideas I’ve put on paper recently. But, I would love to hop on a call or meet up for coffee to discuss the others and get your opinion! I’m available [insert dates and times you are available for a meeting].

I hope to hear back from you soon,

[insert your name – e.g. John Smith]

[insert your title – Independent Marketing Partner]

[inset company’s name – Dacxi]



Email #3: Meeting reminder

Recommendation: To avoid overwhelming this person, we suggest you send this email a few days after your previous email. If they still don’t respond, perhaps it isn’t right for them!

Subject Line: We can help you with [insert problem/issue]

Email Copy:

Hi [insert potential affiliate’s name],

How are you? Sorry to bother you again, I was just checking in to see if you were still interested in catching up over a coffee sometime soon?

I’ve been thinking about what else might be helpful for you when getting started, as well as what might help you explain the opportunity to others – and I thought that Dacxi’s A4 Coffee Chat Guide would be perfect!  This teaches you how to explain crypto and Dacxi to anyone in a casual setting in under 5 minutes.  Here is a quick explanation video here!  I am more than happy to explain it to you when we  meet.

below I’ve also provided a bit more information on the products Dacxi offers:

The Dacxi Bundle:

The Dacxi Bundle is a product we think everyone should buy now, to make sure they position themselves ahead of the second crypto boom. We are certain that every company in the crypto world will eventually market a ‘bundle-type’ product, but Dacxi is the pioneer in this area. The Dacxi Bundle is a diversified portfolio of the top three most trusted crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) plus Dacxi’s DAC Coin. You can find out more about the Dacxi Bundle here

The DAC Pack: 

The DAC Pack consists of only DAC Coins, the coin of the Dacxi ecosystem. Many buy this because they believe the DAC Coin has the potential to increase in value many times more than the big blue chip coins. The DAC Coin is the membership coin of the Dacxi ecosystem and has a greater value increase potential than most other coins. Its value comes from community services, exchange benefits and pre-ICO discounts.  When you buy at market price you’ll receive up to 70% bonus coins based on the holding period or amount bought. You can find out more about the DAC Pack here. 

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

[insert your name – e.g. John Smith]

[insert your title – Independent Marketing Partner]

[inset company’s name – Dacxi]

We hope you found this useful and wish you all the best with your email marekting strategy! 

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