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This page provides you with all the resources you need to become confident in affiliate marketing with Dacxi. Our goal is to help you refer customers with confidence, so feel free to make the most out of the resources provided. We believe that more hands create less work, so we encourage an environment that promotes helping each other.



At Dacxi, our proirity is to ensure you feel confident when sharing the good news about crypto. 

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Check out our latest blog post about how you can optimise your customer acquisition strategy in no time. 


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the dacxi a4 Coffee chat Training

The ultimate guide to help you explain crypto to your prospects in less than five minutes.  


These videos are designed to help you become a confident affiliate with all the knowledge you need to start building a successful team. All these videos along with plenty of others are available on our Dacxi Youtube Channel so you can share with your friends!



Need help finding articles to share with your customers? Here are a few our affiliates have found to be useful when promoting Dacxi to newcomers. 



1. The Proof Behind the Second Crypto Boom 

Timing is everything when it comes to making a fortune. The greatest wealth boom in history has begun and the key to success is taking action now. This article provides you with evidence that proves a tidal wave of new money is about to hit the industry.  

2. Seven Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Belongs in Your Retirement Portfolio 

Across the world, governments are faced with the reality that most households are not saving enough for retirement. This article explores the seven reasons why we believe you should consider crypto has part of your retirement portfolio. 

3. Why the Dacxi Exchange Features Help Pioneer Global Crypto Adoption

There are a few features that every crypto exchange should have. Spoiler, we have them all! Ad Dacxi, we believe we’ve stuck the right balance of features by designing for retail investors at every step of the way. This article details the features we are most proud of, and the features we think every crypto exchange should provide for newbie investors. 


4. Why Women Need to Buy Crypto Now  

Despite the impressive figures and growing popularity of virtual currencies and blockchain technology, there’s a shortage of female participation. Globally, more women are leveraging the opportunities that come with buying cryptocurrency. This article explores the importance of woman investing in cryptocurrencies and their crucial role in the industry! 

5. Why New Crypto Investors Should Purchase a Dacxi Bundle

With just 1% of the planet currently invested in crypto assets, there’s incredible potential in the years ahead. Dacxi wants to make it as easy as possible for new people to gain exposure to crypto as an asset class — and that’s why we’ve created the Dacxi Bundle. This article provides the key reasons why you and your friends should consider investing in the Dacxi Bundle! 


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